K&N Photography | pricelist
K & N Photography's In studio price list:
$40.00 in studio session
$50.00 On location (up to 25 miles from our location)
(1-4 people) this includes unlimited time and unlimited outfits so you are sure to get the shots you desire.
$5.00 for each additional person.   Pet  fee is $15.00
Large group and event pricing available upon request!
$10 sheets
(1) 8x10
(2) 5x7
(3) 4x6
(4) 3.5x5
(8) wallets
$20 sheets
(1) 10x13
(1) 11x14
$40 sheet
(1) 16x20
Prices include original photo in color, black and white, or sepia toned. 
Special photo enhancements are also available for additional cost.
We can order any sizes you can dream up please call for special prices.
Please call for Real Estate pricing